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Company overview

Pay4Stuff - "Not a real company"


Pay4Stuff is a fictional company, created to provide realistic context for demo purposes.  Project Medallion, Kimura, and Medallion uReport are works of fiction, although inspired by a multitude of portal and API rollouts in various B2B tech companies, are not intended to represent any actual event or indiividual.

Welcome to Pay4Stuff:

Pay4Stuff is not a real company.

It's designed to showcase some sample deliverables in a way that resonates with your average B2B tech company. Clients often want to see samples of previous deliverables. However, having worked mostly with internal change in regulated environments means that these items are understandably confidential. 

In order to create sample deliverables that reflect what I would do in a real situation, I needed to paint the picture. Realistic issues, familiar tools, and stakeholders I could relate to. 

So I invented Pay4Stuff.

I first used it as the basis for an exercise I did for a potential contract in the summer of 2023 and I've kept building on it whenever I want to create more examples or try out new ways of working.

1: Company Overview
2: Project Medallion

Get in Touch!

Working remotely from Montreal, Canada, I provide external full-time or part-time services to clients in the US and Canada. 

Hybrid options are available for clients in the Montreal, Ottawa, and Plattsburgh areas.

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Thank you! I will be in touch. - Heather

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