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Internal CommunicTIONS pLAN

Medallion Phase 3:

Medallion uReport Implementation


Pay4Stuff is a fictional company, created to provide realistic context for demo purposes.  Project Medallion, Kimura, and Medallion uReport are works of fiction, although inspired by a multitude of portal and API rollouts in various B2B tech companies, are not intended to represent any actual event or indiividual.

1: List of Current Tools & Systems
2: The Change Initiative
3: Key Stakeholder Groups 
4: Communications Plan
5: Mock-Ups

Get in Touch!

Working remotely from Montreal, Canada, I provide external full-time or part-time services to clients in the US and Canada. 

Hybrid options are available for clients in the Montreal, Ottawa, and Plattsburgh areas.

Thank you! I will be in touch. - Heather

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